EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend Speaks

Speaking on “The Ralphie Radio Show” in her first media interview, Ellen Ross classified her relationship with boyfriend Jon Gosselin as “very serious”, and confirmed she’s the first of his post-marriage girlfriends to meet all of his children.

“He’s met everyone close to me, my friends and family,” Ross revealed, adding that the father of eight has been well received. “I told them ‘He’s just a regular guy and he treats me great and you’ll see that when you meet him.’”

Gosselin and Ross met at a mutual friend’s barbeque party in the Harrisburg, PA area. The couple has been together for three months, and there was an acclimation period to the attention received from fans, foes, and the paparazzi.

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“It was kind of weird at first,” Ross admitted of the constant presence of photographers. “But I just try to ignore them and act like they’re not there.”

The rumors are certainly there – just Google News search “Jon Gosselin.” Radar Online reports that it was Ross that suggested and pushed Gosselin to obtain a tattoo of a dragon which spans most of his back. But his girlfriend denied that claim on “The RRS.”

“The tattoo artist is my very good friend, he’s done work on me before,” said Ross, who claimed Radar took the quotes out of context. “When Jon said he wanted to get a tattoo, I said, ‘I have a good idea of who you should go to.’”

Ross approves of the tattoo and was impressed with the detail, however she doesn’t see herself getting a matching one in the near future.

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