EXCLUSIVE: Flo Rida Reveals Second David Guetta Collab, Talks New LP

David Guetta used an effective formula to obtain material for his album One Love: I’ll do a track for you if you return the favor. In an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday, Flo Rida confirmed that Guetta isn’t straying from that mentality.

“Oh man, we got a crazy record together,” said Flo of a second collaboration with the French DJ. “It’s crazy. It’s definitely an up-tempo (song)… but it’s definitely hot. It has its own lane.”

That is about all the Florida native would reveal about the song – as he continues to drum up support of the duo’s first collaboration, the anthem “Club Can’t Handle Me”, which in addition to serving as the first single from Flo’s forthcoming The Only 1, also serves as the lead single for the “Step Up 3D” soundtrack.

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Before performing for over 1,000 people inside The Woodlands, Flo Rida sat down with “The Ralphie Radio Show” to chat about his forthcoming, double disc album The Only 1. Flo also discussed projects with David Guetta and his iPhone which he constantly gives out the number to. Yes, it’s real.

“Normally you would have to probably go in and make a record for a movie, but I was already sitting on that record,” explained Flo of why he was so grateful to Disney for choosing the song. The rapper’s first hit, “Low”, was the lead track for the “Step Up 2 The Streets” soundtrack.

The emcee also clarified that unlike some of his previous records to feature a woman, the lady singing in “Club Can’t Handle Me” is simply a backup singer.

“The whole time you hear me singing, as far as Ke$ha (who sang on the hook of “Right Round”), she had more of a lead role on the record,” he clarified. Flo also featured Ke$ha on “Touch Me” and singer Wynter Gordon on “Sugar.”

The Only 1 will now be a double disc set, and is due out before the end of the year.

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