VIDEO: White Carpet Arrivals at 2010 MTV VMAs

Celebrities of all colors… white, black, tan, and orange walked the White Carpet of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Yours truly was the only reporter from Northeastern PA to fly out and cover the event at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Paul Delvecchio, a.k.a. “DJ Pauly D” from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” – wasn’t as orange as some of his Shore co-stars, namely “Snooki” and “JWoww.” “The Ralphie Radio Show” also airs in Providence, RI on the station he grew up listening to – 92 PRO-FM. As TMZ reported earlier in the week, Pauly did purchase a brand new 2011 Mercedes Benz, and he told me that he’ll be driving it around the Ocean State pretty soon. Makes sense considering a source close to the reality show revealed to me that the cast has already wrapped shooting for season 3.

Jay Sean is just beginning a promo run to showcase his new song “2012 (It Ain’t The End)” featuring Nicki Minaj. That trek will bring him to the Scranton Hardware Bar on October 2 to perform for BHT listeners. The Cash Money All-Star revealed the on the carpet to me that he’s been keeping in touch with an incarcerated Lil Wayne through label CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

“I’m going to see him when he comes out, “said Jay. Weezy will be freed in about 60 days. “I’ve heard that he’s good and he’s excited about coming out.”

Craig Robinson, better known as “Darryl Philbin” from NBC’s “The Office” was less enthused about a different departure – the exit of Steve Carrell from Dunder Mifflin after the show’s seventh season.

“It’s impossible, impossible right?” he questioned of “Michael Scott” leaving. “Let’s see what happens, let’s see if we can just right the ship.”

Robinson also noted that he hopes “The Office Convention” returns soon, even asking if Chris Doherty was still the Mayor of Scranton.

She showed up much later than expected, but Ke$ha still made a grand entrance to the white carpet on Sunday, quickly walking through so she could make it to her seat by Katy Perry for Eminem’s opening performance with Rihanna. While not fielding any questions from other media outlets – she did answer one for “The Ralphie Radio Show” – who keeps the coveted Moonman statue if 3OH!3 and Ke$ha win best collaboration for the “My First Kiss” music video?

“Oh, I will,” she said without hesitation. “I wear the balls in the relationship.”

Dane Cook wasn’t as lucky… no this has nothing to do with any of his body parts. He missed Eminem’s performance because he didn’t make it to his seat by the cut off. Was that because after the carpet closed, he stopped for a few words with me? I’d like to think not, but I’ll let you be the judge.

“I’m in the lab down here at the Laugh Factory in L.A., I have a new special that I’m going to do next year, but a greatest hits (album) this year,” Cook revealed – with the compilation slated for a November release.

Also making some time for “The RRS” on the white carpet – Sean Kingston, who I introduced to waiting Cascada, Deadmau5, who served as the VMAs House DJ, and Chelsea Handler’s sidekick Chuy Bravo – who became quite annoyed when I asked him why he hasn’t responded to a Facebook friend request of mine.

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