EXCLUSIVE: Akon Reveals Secret To Not Leaking Records, Says New GaGa LP Isn’t Done

It’s a story that has become as common as an athlete sex scandal: star artist records potential hit record, only for the song to “leak” on to the Internet. The storyline is genre-less (see: Usher “Love in this Club” and Taylor Swift “Mine”). But Akon insists that his next album, Stadium, will not become another viral blog post, and the superstar revealed why on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“Well first of all, stay away from G-Mail accounts,” he warned, referring to the free e-mail service provided by Google. “Anything that you put on G-Mail is going to get to the rest of the world, I know that for a fact. I’ve tested it. G-Mail itself is just the easiest e-mail to hack.”

Akon advises artists and producers to create their own server, with log-on credentials that only they know. The “Sexy Bitch” singer also believes that leaks can be prevented by limiting the amount of downloads off that server – even downloads that you, the creator, initiate.

You may be wondering: “Wait, didn’t we already hear songs from this LP, like ‘Life of a Superstar’, ‘Party Animal’, and ‘Nosy Neighbor’ leak on to the net?” All of the aforementioned tracks were allegedly produced by David Guetta. According to Akon, the operative word in that statement is “allegedly.”

“All of those were actually done by me,” he revealed. “It’s funny, because that ‘Life of a Superstar’, I originally did that for Nicole (Scherzinger) for the Pussycat Dolls. That’s her record.”

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The American-born/African-raised artist told me he, Guetta and Freedom collaborator Giorgio Tuinfort have been in the studio creating “a whole new sound… to the whole Stadium sound.” The dance music trend is continuing to grow here in the States – and Akon might credit that to MTV’s “Jersey Shore”… but there’s one problem.

“I know I’m probably going to sound dumb saying this, but I haven’t seen ‘Jersey Shore’ yet,” he admitted. “Dude, I don’t know nothing about it. Don’t tell nobody though.”

Akon and I got back to talking about new albums, with the singer saying that fans of Lady GaGa’s previous work will love her latest on Born This Way. It was Akon that helped GaGa sign her record deal.

“It’s one of those albums where you can hear the growth in it,” he noted. “She’s getting bigger and bigger and her music is growing along with her.”

As for those wondering when GaGa will release this album: don’t start counting down the days yet. Akon said it isn’t finished yet.

“She’s always recording. That’s one thing about us, we never stop recording until it’s actually time to send it in.”

While the expectations may be high for both Kon’s and GaGa’s releases, Mr. Konvict Muzik may have set the bar even higher for his upcoming performance on the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.”

“Yeah man, that’s the hardest job of my career man,” he joked about the gig, which airs next month on CBS. “Honestly, you might see me perform harder than I’ve ever performed in my life!”

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