EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo Kicks Off Headlining Tour; Not Bothered by VMA Skit

If you’re going to paint, you’d want to learn from Picasso. If you aspire to play pro basketball, you might seek the tutelage of Michael Jordan. So if you were to hit the road for your first ever headlining tour, wouldn’t you want to be taken under the wings of Lady GaGa and The Black Eyed Peas? Fortunately for Jason Derulo, that was the case. The “Ridin’ Solo” singer kicked off his 21-date headlining trek on Monday at The Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia. Derulo said after the concert that the experience of touring with GaGa and The Peas definitely helped.

“Being on the road is difficult, and getting acclimated to it is different,” Derulo admitted on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “There’s a lot of tricks to the trade, that you kind of have to learn by experience.”

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For example, the Miami-born pop star will not do multiple interviews before a show, as he found out the hard way that the continuous talking can take a toll on his vocal chords. Derulo also watches what he puts in his stomach before a concert, especially considering he spends a considerable amount of time on stage dancing and performing acrobatic moves.

Perhaps you could credit the latter for Derulo not wanting to partake in any type of alcoholic shots before show time. At a restaurant next to the venue, a radio station with concert winners wanted to celebrate the singer’s birthday: Jason turned 21 on September 21. He may not have celebrated in Philly, but Derulo insists he partied enough while overseas.

“I think I celebrated a little too hard… I got really wasted man, I’m not even gonna front,” he said. “But I mixed drinks, which is really bad.”

I guess like touring, sometimes you have to experience a lesson before you can learn it.

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