EXCLUSIVE: We The Kings’ Travis Clark Reveals How He Broke Leg, Lobbies For Next Single

If We The Kings front man Travis Clark gets his way, you’ll be hearing a third single from the band’s album Smile Kid.

“I don’t even know if I’m allowed to, but figure I’ll just blurt it out,” responded Clark when I asked him about another single, or any other new music in the works. “There’s a song, it’s actually my favorite song off Smile Kid, and I’ve been pushing to have it has a single for a really long time… it’s a song called, ‘She Takes Me High.’”

Clark envisions that as the song is released to radio, the boys from Bradenton, Florida will write new material and aim for a spring 2011 album release.

“We’ve never had a record released in spring or summer,” Clark said in explaining why the band is hoping to turn around new material so soon. “We think it’d be cool to have a new record out for 2011.”

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The lead singer also predicted that if the tracks are finished sooner, then we may be hearing songs before then. Currently, We The Kings is on tour with rapper J. Cole, and Clark is moving about the country gingerly on left leg that he broke while riding a motocross bike.

“I made this jump in my backyard, of this house I just got and I dumped 10 tons of dirt in the backyard for a landing pad,” recalled Clark. “It was a wet day. The trajectory, instead of a six foot jump, it was like an eight foot jump.”

Clark went straight up in the air, landed cleanly, but his wet boot slipped on the peg, which impaled his left fibula. Given that this was late at night, with no walk-in clinics open, Clark decided he’d call his dentist to clean up the mess.

“He did my wisdom tooth, so I figured he could do my knee,” Clark joked, also noting that he wasn’t concern with how it looked, so long that it was patched up.

A month later, after the leg was still swollen, Clark went to an orthopedic doctor and received an MRI, revealing the break. The good news: because he continued to walk on it, the constant flow of blood prevented the singer from having to wear a hard cast. Although still, even Clark admits that when the results came back, he “felt like such an idiot.”

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