Kim Kardashian Helps Launch Search For ‘World’s Best Couple’

Sure she may not be in the perfect relationship… or for that matter, a relationship at all. But that didn’t stop Michael Hill from tabbing Kim Kardashian as the face for the Search for the World’s Best Couple. The jeweler is holding an online competition to find “the couple most in love,” with a 22 carat diamond engagement ring as the grand prize.

Hill kicked off his search, with Kardashian and the rock in tow, on Monday in New York’s Rockefeller Center. While she’s now 30 and single, the reality star told “The Ralphie Radio Show” that it is the relationships of other couples in her life that she’ll draw on for help in judging.

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“I’m such a hopeless romantic, that I think I’ve taken little bits and pieces from different couples that I admire, whether it’s my grandparents, or my parents, or my mom and my stepdad, I think everyone has really unique qualities to their relationships,” Kardashian said. “I’m not really going in and looking for anything specific. I think something just kind of magical and special will just kind of come at me.”

Kardashian is still seeking that magic with her personal relationships as well – recent links with Reggie Bush and Miles Austin have broken up. But the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star says that when she does settle down, she won’t have a specific carat size in mind for her engagement ring.

“It kind of depends on the situation and the person, and just something meaningful.”

The Ultimate Engagement Ring competition is online now at

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