EXCLUSIVE: Ke$ha Insists She’s Not a ‘Trashy Ho’; Previews ‘Cannibal’

If by listening to Ke$ha’s music you think you know who she is… well, you have no idea… maybe.

“I’m a classy partier, when I party,” the girl who sings “TiK ToK”, “Blah Blah Blah”, and “Take It Off” insists. “I think that’s just the key, it’s not like I’m trashy about it. But I’ll have a drink, whatever. But you probably don’t read about it because I’m not a trashy ho.”

The Nashville-born singer is well aware of the public’s perception that she likes to get down and dirty, but there’s apparently more than one side to Kesha Sebert.

“I just realized that, yunno the first record kind of got that message out there. I think it’s pretty clear that I like Jack Daniels,” stated Ke$ha. “So this record I kind of took as an opportunity to talk about a few other things.”

Her new LP – Cannibal – will be released November 22. The lead single, “We R Who We R” is dedicated to those who have been victimized by bullying. But Ke$ha intended the song to be an anthem for “anyone who ever got shit for being a little bit weird or different.”

“I wrote it a few weeks ago, and so (the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign) was definitely fresh on my mind,” she revealed. “It hit close to home because a lot of my really close friends, and obviously a lot of my fans are gay and I’m fully supportive of every kind of lifestyle.”

Apparently that even includes her ex-boyfriend. Remember the song “Stephen” off of Animal? The subject of the song wouldn’t call Kesha back. Now, he’s evidently not calling any girls back.

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Ke$ha also chatted about her best friend Katy Perry, saying she’ll catch up with “Mrs. Brand” later this month at the American Music Awards.

“Turns out he likes to make out with ‘trannies,’” she noted of her ex-beau. “So I really don’t know what the power (of the song was).”

We’ll see what happens to another of her former lovers after the albums drops – track 5 is called “The Harold Song.”

“That’s my ex, ex… ex,” Ke$ha said, having to dig back in the archives a little. “I was just in the middle of nowhere, and got really bummed out because I was sleeping by myself and I hate to sleep by myself. And so I wrote this pretty heartbreaking song – or at least for me, I can’t listen to it.”

She offers up some more brutal honesty on “C U Next Tuesday” – yes, you should be looking in to the spelling of that.

“That one is about a guy who I was making out with and he would just only text message me,” Ke$ha recalled. “And I was like, ‘Really?’ It turns out like, I know you’re not in love with me but don’t pretend, just be straight up.”

And certainly if there’s anyone right now in pop music that has no problem keeping it real, it’s Ke$ha.

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