EXCLUSIVE: Tinie Tempah Believes Katy Perry Remix Leaked From U.S.

Tinie Tempah remembers the days when he loved “a good leak” from one of his favorite artists. Now, he’s signed to a major record label, and that affection for tracks leaking on to the Internet has worn off, especially when the songs in question are his.

“’Yes! A new song from one of my favorite artists as leaks,’” Tempah would think to himself after discovering someone else’s single on the net. “But now, when it happens to you, it’s not so fun.”

The track in question is a remix Tempah cut of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” Sources at Capitol Records confirmed that the song is definitely the next single from Teenage Dream. But will the UK emcee’s verse make it to radio as well? Tinie says he has heard it’s possible, but couldn’t confirm during an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“I just really like the song,” Tempah said of his label mate’s track. He is unaware if she’s heard his version yet. “Obviously I’ve got Katy Perry’s album and I think she’s definitely a fresh artist.”


He had a huge 2010 back in his native land of England, with a platinum-selling album and a slew of Brit Award nominations. Now, Tinie Tempah hopes to spread his success across the pond with his single, “Written in the Stars” featuring Eric Turner as well as a possible cameo on another song for a very popular labelmate.

Listen to remix he recorded of Katy Perry’s next single, “E.T.”, here.

“They all seem to say the same thing, ‘It’s definitely like starting again,’” Tinie noted. “The one thing that everybody says is America is a really, really, really big place. And so many parts of America are so different, from one state to another.”

It seems tough enough to mentally prepare for the U.S. trek itself, let alone doing so amidst a blossoming career overseas and while writing material for his second album. Tempah concurred with my analogy that it’s almost as if he’s living in two different worlds.

“It’s always good when you promote music that you enjoy listening to and you enjoy performing again and again, and you enjoy talking about,” he responded. “(Songs from Disc-Overy) are just really cool tracks to perform and so I don’t mind.”

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