DAILY DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco f. Hayley Williams – ‘Airplanes’

No this is not a remix… reportedly “Airplanes” was Lupe Fiasco’s record before it became B.o.B.’s. Lupe’s trials and tribulations with Atlantic Records over the track listing for Lasers is well-documented. According to various interviews, Fiasco said that Atlantic would give him pre-produced tracks with hooks to rap over – and the Chicago emcee was not down with being forced to use other people’s songs – some of which the original writers didn’t want Fiasco to have in the first place. It’s unknown if “Airplanes” fell in to that category, but it was Fiasco’s record until he gave it to Bobby Ray. Recently, producer Jim Jonsin also revealed in an interview with MTV News that Atlantic wanted to “Nothin’ on You” for Lupe as well, but it was Jonsin who convinced the label that B.o.B. should have it.

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