EXCLUSIVE: Armed Robbery, Physical Altercation Lead To Hot Chelle Rae’s ‘Really Really Messed Up Week’

Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight” opens with the line, “It’s been a really really messed up week.” In another example of life imitating art, it was an awful week for the Nashville, TN band. The lead guitarist was the victim in an alleged armed robbery and the lead singer was physically removed from a Nashville pizzeria late at night for what he claims was no reason at all.

“I got mugged for an iPad,” revealed Nash Overstreet. “Yeah, don’t sell stuff on Craigslist.”

If you do use the site, make sure you show up to a planned meeting with someone else. Overstreet linked up in person with the potential buyer, only to be greeted with a gun. Nash gave up the iPad and fled. A police report was filed and authorities are currently searching for the alleged robber.

“I was shaken up for sure, but what are you going to do?” Nash said. “You got a gun, I got an iPad, let’s just… yeah, okay.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, lead singer R.K. Follese claims he was physically thrown out of Mafiaoza’s Pizzeria in the Music City last week. A bouncer allegedly threw R.K. out by his neck for “no reason.” The New York-style restaurant is open late on the weekends, when the incident occurred.

The boys love Nashville and claim that despite their stories, the city is great to its musicians. Yet still, Follese conceded that “it was a really really messed up week.”


Thankfully for HCR, it isn’t all bad news. The guys are currently working on a new album, which is slated for a September release, right after a tour with We The Kings. “Tonight Tonight” is the LP’s first single, and the track cracked the Top 30 on the Billboard charts. The music video for the single was just released last week, and it features a cameo from Nash’s brother, “Glee” star Chord Overstreet – who is seen making out with a woman on a Xerox machine.

“There were hundreds of (girls), but only one was shot,” explained Nash. “The casting was great; they were like e-mailing photos in, of just, all these girls sending in whatever photos they thought would land them the gig.”

Apparently Chord gets all of the tough jobs in life. However it wasn’t completely smooth sailing – the copy machine that the actress was sitting on shattered during the filming. Video of the mishap will be released soon on the band’s YouTube page.

Then again, given their past week – a broken office supply doesn’t sound so bad.

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