EXCLUSIVE: Lights Over Paris’ Robb University Reveals How Collab With Game Came About

It wasn’t the third, or the fourth, and nope, not the fifth try as the charm for the Los Angeles-based Lights Over Paris. When the dust settled, it took the pop-rockers six different versions of the band’s new single, “I’m Not a Gangsta” to find the one that the guys hope will be the right one. Although, the sixth version was bound to stick out from the rest – it features a verse from fellow west coast artist Game.

“Nothing really got us going but The Game because of the name of the song… and how The Game is and how he represents his music, his lyrics, was awesome,” said LOP front man Robb University. The lead singer checked in from his Hollywood home and participated in the first ever Skype interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “(My friends) were like, ‘The Game’s coming to the studio, he loves the song! He’s gonna do it!’ I’m like, ‘Dude, you guys are pulling an April Fool’s Joke.’”

Yes, Robb will more than likely always remember April 1, 2011 – that was the day that he and Game met up in a California studio and the rapper cut his verse for the new track. Given the fun-loving nature of Robb’s friends and band mates – it certainly wasn’t far-fetched for the lead singer to think he was the subject of a big rib. But thankfully for he and the band, Game’s cameo on the track was no joke.

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“When (Game) does his verse, that is very gangster,” the lead singer noted. “A lot of his fans and people don’t understand until they actually listen to the track, and they’ll really get that LOP is singing about one thing, and he comes in and totally does his thing.”

Game will also be doing his thing in the music video for “I’m Not a Gangsta” – which was scheduled to be shot in L.A. on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Lights Over Paris will continue to work on the band’s debut LP, which Robb says will be a dual-disc release.

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