PHOTOS: My Favorite ‘Idol’ Finale Moments

First of all… I told you so.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s fast forward right to the end of the evening. Scotty wins, he heads to hug his family, and sure Jack Black isn’t his fam, but how you gonna leave JB hangin’ like that?!

But before he left the stage, McCreery embraced runner-up Lauren Alaina. Then, they embraced a little more. Then, uh oh…

Looks like we might have a little young romance this summer on the “Idols Live” tour. Cameras quickly cut away when the two locked lips but cutting to the reaction of a shocked group of finalists on stage wasn’t the best look if you’re trying to cover this up. Perhaps the bigger question is… how jealous is Steven Tyler of Scotty McCreery right now?

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