INTERVIEW: Joe Jonas Talks ‘Fast Life’; Reached Out to Demi Lovato on ‘Skyscraper’

When Demi Lovato said on “The Ralphie Radio Show” that “just about everybody in my phone book” reached out to her after the release of “Skyscraper,” she may have not been exaggerating. In an interview that aired Wednesday night on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” Joe Jonas revealed he was one of those supporters.

“I think (‘Skyscraper’) is great,” remarked Jonas on the phone. “I’m really happy for her and it’s a great song and I’m glad to see that she’s able to pull out those emotions in a song.”


After a reference was made to Lovato’s comment that everybody in her phone called or texted to offer congratulations, Jonas acknowledged that he was also one of those people.

It certainly speaks volumes that Jonas took the time to listen to the song and reach out to Lovato. No, not just because the two once dated, but because the middle “Jonai” is a very busy guy these days. Jonas is knee deep in a multimedia press tour to promote his new single, “See No More.” The track represents a departure from what you may have come to expect from the Jonas Brothers, and that’s no coincidence. Joe hit the studio with none other than Chris Brown to create the song. Brown co-wrote and provided backup vocals.

“We were not originally going to write together, we were just playing each other music,” said Jonas of his initial studio encounter with Breezy. “The next day we got in the studio and wrote the song in like, two hours or so.”

Jonas also talked about how Brown “lives in the studio” and that the R&B star played “about a thousand songs” that were in the works. Joe found inspiration in Brown’s sound, and the Jonas brother feels that will be apparent when his album, Fast Life, hits stores September 6.

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