INTERVIEW: ‘Idol’ Finalist Casey Abrams Feels Normal After NYC Treatment

“American Idol” finalist Casey Abrams recently revealed on “The Ralphie Radio Show” that he is feeling no symptoms of his ulcerative colitis after receiving an infusion of remedies in New York City.

“All the remedies are kicking in,” said Abrams. “I’ve been completely normal.”

Abrams revelation is great news, especially if you’ve followed the jazz singer’s progression throughout the competition. There was a point when it was rumored that Abrams condition would force him to drop out of “Idol.” But the artist made it to the tour with the finalists, and he’s joining forces with Janssen Biotech and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America to bring more awareness to the issue with a new website,


“People can send in their stories of they got passed ulcerative colitis, which I have,” he explained. “I just happen to be on a TV show and have it. There’s people out there that have way more interesting and inspiring stories.”

Don’t allow Abrams’ modesty though to downgrade his story: the singer overcame the disorder while competing on the most watched television show in the country. Not only did Abrams compete, but he performed with a uniqueness and style that grabbed the audience’s attention. Ending a performance once by kissing Jennifer Lopez didn’t hurt things either.

“After kissing J-Lo, I turned on the news, and it was me kissing J-Lo, so that was pretty cool,” Abrams recalled. “That gave (me) a perspective.”

Abrams has no formal projects in the works, but did mention that he’s helping Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald, and Haley Reinhart write new material.

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