INTERVIEW: Allstar Weekend Explains Why September is at Fault

September is usually a month of celebration: Fall arrives, football returns, leaves turn, wardrobes change, and school is back in session.

But Allstar Weekend isn’t exactly celebrating on the new single, “Blame It on September.” The track is a single off the band’s forthcoming LP, All the Way, which ironically enough, drops next Tuesday… September 27.

“It was a disappointing situation,” ASW lead singer Zach Porter recently recalled on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” Porter sat down with fellow band mates Cameron Quiseng and Michael Martinez to chat. “It was like a summer love, and then September (and) school came around, and we went to different schools and she kind of broke it off.”


Porter remembers being so heartbroken, he almost didn’t attend his school’s homecoming that sophomore year. But the front man went to the dance, moved on (kind of), and still keeps in touch with the subject of the song to this day.

However Porter and classmate Quiseng revealed that the girl does not keep up with the band – so she has no idea that the song is about her… yet.

“If you actually look up some of the interviews about the song, we do drop her name,” Quiseng divulged (a quick Google search pointed to a girl named “Rachel”). “But like Zach said, she doesn’t look at any of the videos.”

This September, “Rachel” will have a hard time avoiding Allstar Weekend. The band is set for appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Live! with Regis and Kelly.” The boys from San Diego just wrapped up a summer arena tour supporting Selena Gomez and the Scene.

“We played the first show she ever played, but this our first time, not only touring with her, but touring with her in places this big,” Porter said. “It’s pretty dope.”

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