AUDIO: Panel Discusses Using Social Media While on a Date


This interesting infograph recently appeared on the website for Forbes, illustrating the dos-and-don’ts of using a smartphone around and during a typical dinner date.

For the first time ever on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” a panel of contributors joined the show simultaneously. They engaged in a discussion on the use of social media while on a date. Social media expert Kevin Evanetski founded Social Yeah, a boutique social media strategy firm based in Buffalo, NY. Evanetski compared a person who friend-requests a date the night after dinner to an overzealous person that texts a potential date 20 minutes after they received the person’s number. Relationship expert Stacey Nelkin runs The Daily Affair. Nelkin thinks a phone should not even be kept in sight during a date, saying it is “akin to cheating,” as if the person is trying to look at other options.

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