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AUDIO: Social Media Expert on Facebook Deactivating New Feature

Facebook activated a new “Find Friends Nearby” feature, only to disable it last weekend.Kevin Evanetski believes that while on the outset people may think the option could invite stalkers, there are advantages to the feature, such as the option to add a friend without having to search for him/her through Facebook’s massive database.Evanetski founded Social… Read more »

AUDIO: Social Media Expert on Colleges/Govt. Agencies Demanding Facebook Passwords

If your college or employer asked you for your Facebook password, would you give it up? Apparently, this is becoming an all-too-familiar scenario across the country.Kevin Evanetski believes this is a blatant privacy violation. The social media expert does not feel that this is the beginning of a trend among organizations.Evanetski founded Social Yeah, a… Read more »

AUDIO: Words With Friends Credited with Saving Life; Social Media Expert Says It’s a Sign of the Times

Tally a point for social networks and online gaming. A man in Australia, playing Words With Friends against a woman in Missouri whose husband was a doctor, credits the game with saving his life!Kevin Evanetski wasn’t surprised by the story, as he believes it just points to a new trend in the way people are… Read more »

AUDIO: Panel Discusses Using Social Media While on a Date

This interesting infograph recently appeared on the website for Forbes, illustrating the dos-and-don’ts of using a smartphone around and during a typical dinner date.For the first time ever on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” a panel of contributors joined the show simultaneously. They engaged in a discussion on the use of social media while on a… Read more »

RALPHIE REWIND: Social Networking or BF/GF?

Download the mp3 Jennifer Aniston allegedly dumped John Mayer because of his Twitter obsession. Would you dump your favorite social networking site for a bf/gf? Read more about John and Jennifer here.Link up with The Ralphie Radio Show on…– Twitter– Facebook– MySpace