INTERVIEW: Comedian Dana Carvey Jokes About Kim Kardashian, Michele Bachmann

Like most Americans, Dana Carvey wasn’t exactly in shock over Kim Kardashian’s plans to divorce Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage.

“I broke down, I sobbed for about…” Carvey joked before trailing off and laughing himself. “You know, Elizabeth Taylor must be in Heaven going, ‘Alright, fire two honey!’”

The 56 year-old comedian used an interesting analogy to explain how he felt about Kardashian’s divorce.

“I feel about (the divorce) the way I feel about a funeral for someone who died at 107,” said Carvey. “It’s hard to see yourself throwing yourself on the casket, ‘My God, he had so much to live for!’”


Carvey explained that with the faster news cycle these days, it’s actually harder for comedians because they find themselves constantly writing new jokes to stay relevant.

“Last spring, we had the comedian spring,” said the former “Saturday Night Live” actor. “We went from Charlie Sheen to Donald Trump to the Royal Wedding to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Rep. Weiner to Osama bin Laden. It was so fast and furious, you couldn’t keep up with it.”

Fortunately for Carvey, a lot of his material is classic, and transcends news cycles. With the Texas Rangers losing the World Series last week, the impressionist broke out his George H.W. Bush voice.

“Well, they had them down to the last strike there. All they needed was one ring-a-dinger, one hum-dinger down the middle,” Carvey said, mimicking the former President’s voice with an impression that became legendary on “SNL.” “Couldn’t get it done. Pretty much sucked.”

During the interview, the comedian also broke out a variety of other impressions – from President Barack Obama to Jay Leno to a hybrid Church Lady/Michele Bachmann.

Carvey also talked about the lasting power of another act: “Wayne’s World.” The actor said he isn’t surprised that kids still dress up as Wayne and Garth on Halloween.

“I think if we did Wayne and Garth 3, now they’re 50, it’d be like, ‘Hey Wayne, I’ve got some TMJ,’” Carvey said as if he was “Garth” (The comedian actually did have temporomandibular joint disorder from shifting his jaw to create the voice). “’Oh that’s okay Garth, I need to get some Cialis,’” Carvey then responded, this time using his “Wayne” voice.

As popular as “Wayne’s World” was, Carvey was also quick to point out that the duo was successful without drinking alcohol or smoking weed during the movies. Especially in this day and age, that is something to be legitimately shocked over.

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