INTERVIEW: The Fray’s Isaac Slade Reminsces on Starbucks Days, Previews ‘Today’ Appearance

The life of a rock star is not all fun and games, especially around the holiday season. Just ask The Fray lead singer Isaac Slade.

“We’re doing a big Christmas party that we had to switch the date on because of the ‘Today’ show,” the front man revealed recently on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “I called the family and everybody moved the date, sent out a new e-mail, and they were really sweet about it.”


The Fray will be making the national media rounds over the next two months, leading up to the release of the band’s third studio album, Scars and Stories, due out February 7, 2012. Despite the success of the LP’s first single, “Heartbeat,” Slade insisted that the release date will not be pushed up.

“The (music) industry is a funny thing. You want to give the single enough chance, and give it some air, and then we’ll go to a second single when the album comes out,” Slade said of the thought process behind the later release. “It’s a really sexy record for us, and Valentine’s Day seems like the good time to put out a sexy record.”

Slade is already lobbying the band to tab “Run For Your Life” as the second single – a song that he thought could have been the lead track. In an interview last month on the show, the front man characterized the song as more of a “cliché Fray” production.

“That’s just a song that came together towards the end of the record,” he explained. “We kind of had the whole thing recorded and it felt like one was missing.”

A studio session deep in the backwoods of Tennessee yielded the track. Slade had also revealed in that earlier interview that the new album is completely finished and ready to go.

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