INTERVIEW: Jada Releases 5 Track EP

Boston-based female vocal group Jada is back with the release of Supersonique, a five track EP.


“This one was in the making for a while,” April Forrest said of the extended play. All four members of the group joined “The Ralphie Radio Show” via Skype. “We took some of our really older songs that we really wanted to release… recorded like, a year and a half ago, and then some of the other songs are brand new.”

“This Party is on Fire” is one of the older singles released with Supersonique, which also includes the new club-friendly title track, produced by RIO.

Jada – “Supersonique”

“You know when you go out and you just feel that beat and you want to put your arms up in the air?” Forrest asked, explaining the inspiration behind the song and its up-tempo sound. “But we didn’t want the message to be like, ‘We’re partying! Cool.’ It has a deeper message of how music inspires us.”

In addition to Forrest, Elle Wine, Jacyn Tremblay, and Lauren O’Keefe all talked about the EP’s creation and confirmed that the group will shoot a music video for “Supersonique,” while even extending an invite my way to appear in the video.

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