NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 1

– Does it make anyone else feel really old that “Idol” has been on TV for 10 years now?

– The show is now late to two different parties, online voting (didn’t start til last season) and the “Contestant Cam” (They gave some who auditioned the discontinued Flip Cam to record material for the show).

– Love the shot of J-LO walking in. That is how you know this footage is staged – NO WAY J-LO actually walks that far outside with virtually no one around her.

– Why does Randy keep referring to season 11 as “season 1-1”?

– Two trends continuing from last year – lots of young (15-17 years old) talent, and lots of awkward (even if edited that way) moments between Steven Tyler and the females who audition.

– David Leathers looks 17 going on 12 but wow, he can sing.
– Molly Hunt and Elise Testone have the alt-music thing going. It could get them to the Top 24 but no way America votes for that.
– I wasn’t expecting Shaun Kraisman (the Seacrest look-alike) to actually sing halfway-decent.
– Shannon Magrane could be this year’s Lauren Alaina, but taller and thinner.
– Loved Amy Brumfeld’s story (she lives in a tent) but didn’t think her voice warranted a golden ticket.
– The Dixon brother/sister combo again… really? I actually was a fan of Colton last year, I hope he makes it further along this time.
– LOVE Lauren Mink. Attractive, mid 20’s, and anyone who sings country has a competitive edge in the competition because of the genre’s popularity.
– If there was ever a new William Hung, it’s the South African country singer Mawuena Kodjo.
– W.T. Thompson – guy has a kid on the way and quits his job to audition for the show. Voice wasn’t even that good. I mean, really? In this day and age?
– One producer for Ryan Seacrest productions tweeted out that he was voting for Brittany Kerr all season. Her voice wasn’t great, but sure, I’d vote for the LA Clippers dancer too.
– They saved Phillip Phillips for last… I can’t be the only one that didn’t think the guy was that good.

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