NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 4

– Loving the change in scenary thus far this season – as last night’s episode aired from Aspen, CO. The state has produced a lot of pop stars recently, from OneRepublic to 3OH!3 to The Fray.

– Steven Tyler wins line of the night: “Turkeys have balls?”

– Does anyone else feel that more than ever, Jennifer Lopez is coming off looking like a diva again? I think the fact that she is surrounded by two grounded people doesn’t help matters.

– Thought the first person to audition, Jenni Schick, was pretty good. Her and Tyler locked lips after she won her ticket to Hollywood, and even Steven said after, “I’m gonna get in trouble for that one.” You know it’s bad when even he admits he did something wrong!
– Richie Law had a deep, old school country voice and could definitely go far in this competition.
– Mathenee Treco just has a solid voice that lends itself to pop music.
– Although 19 year-old Tealana Hedgespeth didn’t deserve a golden ticket, I found myself rooting for her because “Idol” once again did a great job in telling a back story.
– Haley Smith is a throwback, and is too talented for me to simply say she’s too different to win.
– Shelby Tueten was good, but I think throwing a 17 year-old who suffers from depression and bi-polar in to that atmosphere could prove a little regrettable.
– The look Steven Tyler gave Angie Zeiderman when she walked in was priceless. Angie is different in all the right ways and has a great voice. I see people backing her the way they backed Adam Lambert or James Durbin. Outcasts unite!

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