EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber’s Manager Signs The Wanted

It’s official: Justin Bieber’s manager has signed another musical act. In an interview set to air this Monday on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” The Wanted confirmed that the band is now managed by Scooter Braun.

“Def Jam and Scoot got together and were like, ‘We want these boys,’” said The Wanted’s Tom Parker. The group, who are currently in the midst of a small U.S. tour, agreed that Braun’s previous work with Island Def Jam helped in the process.

Rumors first surfaced of the manager’s involvement with the UK-based boy band when reports emerged that it was Braun who landed The Wanted on “Ellen,” the group’s first American TV performance.

“I mean, he’s got a really good relationship with Ellen, and she heard about us in the UK and we were obviously trying to come to the U.S.,” Parker explained, before Nathan Sykes downplayed the notion that they appeared on the show simply because of Braun.

“She did say that she wouldn’t have us on the show unless she actually liked us,” the youngest of the five boys chimed in. “She did say, ‘I want to be the one to break them out here.’”

The Wanted’s current single, “Glad You Came,” is climbing up the charts here in the States. Braun and the band finalized the contract for management on Tuesday. This came on the heels of The Wanted finding out that the group will make their second national TV appearance in Los Angeles next week, although the guys would not divulge which show it will be on.

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