INTERVIEW: ‘The Voice’ Contestant Raquel Castro Calls Christina Aguilera ‘A Very Good Role Model’

“The Voice” season one contestant Raquel Castro doesn’t care what the media says about Christina Aguilera.


“To me, Christina was a very good role model because she taught us about her mistakes,” the 17 year-old singer said in a Skype interview that aired Tuesday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “She told us to learn from them, and if something like this happens, just don’t worry about it, don’t stress about it.”

Aguilera picked Castro on first season of the NBC competition to join her team, and the teenager found the superstar’s knowledge priceless.

“She’s experienced things that some people haven’t yet, so she can kind of guide you in a way, so you don’t make those same mistakes yourself,” Castro said. “I think that makes a great role model.”

Castro has experienced quite a bit herself for only being 17. The Long Island native received her big break in showbiz at age 9, co-starring with Ben Affleck in the movie, “Jersey Girl.” Since, she’s appeared in a number of film and TV shows – and was even cast for Ludacris’ “Runaway Love” music video.

The artist now finds herself working on her own music video. Castro filmed the piece for her new single, “Diary” last Saturday, and expects to release it within a month. The song is about a relationship, although the New Yorker says that she kept a private journal while growing up.

“I had like three different diaries,” recalls Castro, even remembering the cover of a specific diary. “My first one was a Britney Spears diary I got in first grade.”

Ironic given that while she was writing daily happenings and private crushes in a book with Spears on the cover, she would eventually come to work with and learn about how to obtain her dreams firsthand from the woman compared to and with Britney the most.

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