NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 11

– Heartbreaking to watch people receive passes to the next round, only to be cut the next day because the judges simply had a hard time narrowing the field down to 40.

– Really felt for 17 year-old North Haven, CT native Gabi Carrubba, who doubted herself, got a pass, and then was let go in the final cut. You wonder what that does to a teenager’s confidence?

– Sad to see two of my favorites, Angie Zeiderman and Johnny Keyser, not make the cut.

– David Leathers, Jr. could parlay this opportunity to be the next Justin Bieber. That simple.

– Joshua Ledet might win it all. His voice continues to blow me away.

– Someone tell Jessica Phillips that trying to score a record deal is NOT the way to go anymore. Your heart still goes out to her for not making the cut, as now she returns to take care of her boyfriend in New York.

– I really hope Heejun Han makes it to the live show. Just because.

– I’m liking Jen Hirsh more and more too.

– The Jermaine Jones/Richie Law pairing was so bizarre (think Ruben Studdard meets Scotty McCreery) that it was brilliant. I still have my money on Law, only, though.

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