Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with JFK Elementary

I’ve interviewed celebrities, hosted parties, and covered red carpet events. But to be perfectly honest with you, one of the highlights of the past four years with all of that happened last week. I was honored when a friend reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in making an appearance at the school her sister worked at. Last Friday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and schools across the country celebrated by donning red and white hats while reading books from the famous children’s author. My presence was requested to read On Beyond Zebra to the first graders at the school. Afterwards, I partook in an ice cream social with the kids while answering questions about my job (i.e. “Have you met Big Time Rush?” “Is Justin Bieber nice?”). I had a blast with the kids, and am very thankful to the Wyoming Valley School District for welcoming me in to their home with open arms. I’m already looking forward to next year.
[flv:https://www.ralphieaversa.com/flv/drseuss.flv image 500 285 link https://www.ralphieaversa.com/wp-content/plugins/kvs-flv-player/kt_player.swf]

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