NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 18

– Loving these results shows with Jimmy’s unfiltered critiques of each performance, usually coming after the fluff-filled praise from the three judges. Although as I mentioned in last night’s notes – all three, especially Randy, were a bit more critical of the contestants this time around.

– Lauren Alaina grew up fast, huh? She definitely looked a little slimmer as well, and sounded great.

– I find it funny that this JLO/punch joke has legs and will probably carry out all season.

– The mics were hot when Erika Van Pelt went to go sit besides Elise Testone in the bottom 3 stools and she says, “Well, it’s the old ladies!” Too funny.

– Of course Ryan Seacrest brings up Phillip Phillips trip to the doctor’s office earlier in the day – although from the quick, playful banter, the two made it seem much less serious than TMZ made it out to be.

– I thought Mary J. Blige sounded great.

– Ultimately, Jimmy Iovine was right – Jeremy Rosado is eliminated. I’ve made it clear that I’m not a fan of Jermaine Jones or Deandre Brackensick, but on this night America didn’t agree with me completely.

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