NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 24

– Wow first we get a Joe Perry cameo this season, and now “Idol” is plugging Aerosmith’s tour at the top of the show. Who in the band said it was a bad idea for Steven Tyler to do this again?

– Nice of Eric Benet to show up and show some love to DeAndre, even if I think DeAndre should be eliminated.

– So many hashtags/Twitter accounts/celebrity mentions… AHHHHHHH!!!

– Nicki Minaj looked great, performed terribly, and almost made up for it when she asked if she could be a guest judge. JLO’s response that there wasn’t room up there for both of them was priceless.

– Jimmy Iovine almost never pulls a 180, but he must think highly of Stevie Nicks’ opinion after she said Phillip Phillips would be a huge superstar. Apparently now even Iovine is a believer!

– Scotty McCreery, what a superstar. He looked and sounded great, and these days, you don’t go platinum by accident, let alone a million copies sold with your first album. Impressive.

– Did Iovine snub Ryan Seacrest of a handshake after he presented the plaque to Scotty?

– Ultimately, America got it right this week. He sang well, but too little, too late. It was a fun, unexpected ride – but Heejun Han needed to go. Thankfully for “Idol” faithful, they’ll get to see him on tour this summer. I thought it was touching that almost all of the finalists were crying as Han sang for his spot on the show. I also found it telling that the judges actually debated over whether to use their save on him. You didn’t see this debate last week for Erika Van Pelt, who in my opinion, was a far superior singer.

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