NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 35-36

– I watched both shows from the week late Thursday night and decided to combine the notes because I really didn’t have much to say about the results episode.

– The judges’ style on Wednesday left a little to be desired. JLO’s hair was a mess. I know Randy wears some outlandish articles of clothing, but the pink plaid jacket and matching tie was just too much for me. Sorry, dawg.

– Apparently I’m not the only one that noticed Steven Tyler’s awkward endings to comments – JLO wouldn’t even let him end after Phillip Phillip’s first performance, cutting him off so she could share her two cents with America.

– I think the one consistent thing about Hollie Cavanagh this year, you know from the first note if she’s going to soar or crash. Unfortunately Wednesday, her flights were much too short, especially relative to her competition.

– I’m sure “Rock of Ages” is going to be a great film, but that whole segment is the reason why I believe after the final 7 or 6, both shows should go to an hour.

– Why do they keep insisting on having Phillip cover a Maroon 5 song? Is it a dig at “The Voice” coach Adam Levine?

– The last performances on Wednesday by Phillip, Jessica, and Joshua could have easily been the three best performances in one show for the competition’s entire 11 season run. It is really anybody’s competition between those three.

– I love what Jimmy Iovine said on Thursday about Jessica and Joshua – the singers’ “bag of tricks” can’t be used all the time on every performance. There needs to be more diversity and restraint in their vocals.

– Also, anyone catch Iovine say “us” when he talked about Phillips’ forthcoming album? By his language, it looks like the top 3 on the show already have Interscope Records deals locked up.

– Nice that Jimmy brought along Black Eyed Peas emcee Apl de Ap for Thursday’s results show.

– Props to JLO for both singing and dancing live. Not a bad job. Where was Pitbull?

– America got it right. Simply too little, too late for Hollie, but an amazing job to last as long as she did in this competition.

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