INTERVIEW: Hot Chelle Rae Hopes to Release New Single This January

Ryan Follese and Nash Overstreet recently paid a visit to New York City, and the trip could yield what Hot Chelle Rae fans have been looking for since the fall.


“We’re having some meetings, and going to the label, and making some rounds and actually really narrowing down what it is that we’re going to be putting out in the early part of next year,” Follese said in studio on “The Ralphie Show.” “(The fans) want it, and we want to give it to them.”

Hot Chelle Rae spent the latter part of the year touring internationally. The band’s last U.S. trek was in support of Demi Lovato. How eager are fans to hear new music? Once HCR released the Verizon-sponsored cover of “Jingle Bell Rock,” some fans took to Twitter to request it on local radio stations. Others actually e-mailed the MP3 to DJs.

“As far as Christmas songs go, we’re super picky, and that’s one of the only songs we felt worked as a band,” Follese noted. “It’s something we could do and Nash could really play guitar on.”

The lead singer said Hot Chelle Rae is shooting to release the new single at the end of January on RCA Records.

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