INTERVIEW: Lifehouse Gains Fans and ‘Haters’ on ‘Almeria’

Despite selling tens of millions of singles and albums worldwide, the band Lifehouse wasn’t afraid to switch things up for its latest LP.


“I think our biggest thing on this album was we just wanted to come up with some fresh sounds,” noted lead singer Jesse Wade during an in-studio visit to “The Ralphie Show” on 95.5 PLJ. “We were kind of tired of doing the same thing: two guitars, bass, drums, double vocal and the chorus.”

So Lifehouse began experimenting, and ended up with Almeria. The current musical landscape finds all genres of music kind of blurring together. While Wade thinks that helps, he still felt it was difficult for the band to jump out of the sound that it is most known for.

“I think humans are inherently resistant to change,” he said. “You have your super fans that want you to sound exactly like the first two records ‘cause it’s like, that moment in time that kind of reached them.”

With tools like Facebook and Twitter, where bands and fans can interact on constant basis, it has been easier to hear feedback on the new material. Not all of the reviews are positive.

“We have a couple haters for the first time,” Wade admitted, as the rest of the band laughed. “I guess it’s better that people either love it or hate it.”

The album title is taken from a small town in Spain where a lot of old, Western, movies were filmed, including the Clint Eastwood classic, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” However, no empty chairs were involved in the recording process.

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