INTERVIEW: Olly Murs Chats Flo Rida Collab; Suggests Taylor Swift for ‘X-Factor’

Back in England, the pairing of Olly Murs and Flo Rida seems a little odd, to the point where some close to the singer questioned if he was lying when he revealed the collaboration.


“You would never put me necessarily with Flo Rida,” explained Murs of the UK’s general first reaction to the news of “Troublemaker”. “The X-Factor” runner-up joined “The Ralphie Show” in studio on Tuesday. “It’s like putting One Direction with Lady GaGa on a song.”

Murs continued that while the U.S. views him and Flo as pop artists, the UK considers Flo more of a hip-hop/urban artist, thus the initial disconnect.

“Even my mates were going like, ‘What, you got Flo Rida on your song? You sure?’” recalled Murs. “I think it’s because of my style and my music.”

What makes the foreign view on the mix of genres even more puzzling is that Murs is already an established powerhouse overseas. He scored three double-platinum albums in the UK; the latest called Right Place Right Time, which features “Troublemaker.” He is now trying to emulate that success across the pond. Murs’ new LP is slated for an April release in America on Columbia Records. He could only hope to achieve the success of his labelmates, One Direction.

“They’re on a different world,” observed Murs of 1D’s stardom in the U.S. and beyond. “There are certain artists; the demand for them is so high. You’re talking the Britney Spears’, the Lady GaGa’s, the Rihanna’s, One Direction in that category.”

Of course with the fame comes the scrutiny of the media, and One Direction found them under the microscope throughout the band’s last visit to New York.

“It must just get to the point where everywhere you go, you just get used to seeing a picture in the press,” Murs said. “It must be so frustrating for the guys. When I see the guys I don’t really talk about it because obviously yunno, it’s something you don’t bring up in conversation. But, they must get really cheesed off.”

Coverage of the fellas reached a fever point last December when Harry Styles was spotted out and about in New York with Taylor Swift. The two have since called it quits, and when asked who might be a good replacement to Spears or L.A. Reid on the U.S. version of “The X-Factor,” Murs brought up the singer/songwriter.

“She’s the nation’s sweetheart,” Murs said of Swift. “She’s huge.”

Murs wouldn’t be worried that Swift may not be as critical as a judge should – citing the presence of the ever-cynical Simon Cowell on the panel.

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