NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 12, Episode 4

– Props (no pun intended) to Megan Miller who overcame a messed up leg and crutches to sing in front of four celebrity judges. Hopefully she isn’t lugging those through “Hollywood Week.”

– Keith Urban with the line of the show about Miller: “I thought she was going to sing ‘Lean on Me.'” You can tell he is becoming more comfortable with every episode on this show.

– Not sure how I feel about Charlie Askew, but I’m glad judges sent him through.

– Maddie Assel – really impressed with her. Definitely think she can go far in this.

– Also impressed with Paul Jolley. If he can show that he can sing more than country music, he will be a fan favorite.

– Someone tell Dr. Calvin Peters that he still has a better chance of making more bank in medicine, regardless of how well he sings.

– Burnell Taylor was great, but I’ll go back every time to a singer like Josh Ledet, who was amazing but just couldn’t garner a big enough fan base to win. I think there is also a clear difference in the way Mariah and especially Nicki judge R&B singers compared to other genres. I don’t think they play favorites but I do believe that they seem to truly enjoy the really good R&B crooners more than they enjoy say, a really good country singer up there.

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