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Emeli Sandé’s legal first name is Adele. She claims it isn’t a common name back in the UK.

“That’s why it was so weird,” she explained on “The Ralphie Show,” referring to her connection with THE Adele, surname Adkins. “Maybe three years ago someone said, ‘Oh there’s this new singer Adele and she’s getting bigger and bigger.’ That’s when I decided I should probably pick a different name.”

By this time, the buzz had already started around Adele with her album 19 and single “Chasing Pavement.” Sandé made the wise decision to use her middle name.

“I was featured on a rapper’s track,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘The name I pick here is going to have to be completely different.’”

Sandé went on to create her own name literally and figuratively in the UK. Her LP Our Version of Events was the highest selling album in the UK for 2012, moving over a million units. Now, she is making a splash across the pond with her hit single, “Next To Me.”

“I feel like a newcomer over here, which has been really fun,” she said. “It’s a massive country but we’re slowly kind of getting things rolling.”

For just beginning her U.S. run in January, Sandé has already accomplished quite a bit. “Next To Me” cracked the top 25 on six different Billboard charts, hitting number one at Hot Dance Club Songs. The singer performed at the “American Idol” finale, on “Dancing With The Stars,” “Today,” and at a special event in the White House. Sandé also covered Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” for the Jay-Z produced “Great Gatsby” soundtrack.

“I was asked if I’d like to come and do a version,” explained Sandé of her involvement with the project. “Brian Ferry and his orchestra had put together the 1920’s version. So, I was just honored to be involved with the project.”

She also made sure to seek-out Jay at the red carpet premiere in New York.

“I think he liked it. He seemed really cool,” she said. “I think because I did my own thing on it, and it was more suited for the film, then it worked.”

For those keeping track at home – yes, that’s events with Jay-Z and President Barack Obama in a month’s span. You could say Sandé’s plan to switch her name as to not cause any confusion worked out just fine.

Curtis Finch Jr. was the first of the five men to be eliminated in succession on “American Idol” this season. Just in case any fans or “Idol” staffers forgot about him since the March 14, he quickly reminded them that he’s still around – and a bit skeptical about how the season unfolded.

“I think it’s been really pushed that they wanted a girl to win,” Finch said of the competition during an interview with “The Ralphie Show.” He clarified that by “they,” he meant the show producers. “That’s fine with me, because I think the girls are extremely talented.”

“I think they set it up in a way,” the singer explained. “From ‘Hollywood Week,’ yunno they separated the boys and the girls.”

Long-time “Idol” vocal coach Michael Orland didn’t believe that the fix was in.

“That’s how America voted,” Orland said. “It didn’t matter. What did they pick five bad boy singers? I thought we had five fairly strong boy singers. I thought the girls gave stronger performances every single week.”

Season two finalist Kimberly Locke argued that while weaker male singers may have been chosen this year, she has found “Idol” to be one of the fairest shows on television.

“Every year there is a conspiracy, or someone thinks there is a conspiracy,” she noted. “On season two, on the chyron for the numbers, they put up the wrong number for the wrong contestant. The votes got all messed up. The following weeks to come, standards and practices were there every day.”

Locke noted that working conditions and equal camera time were also monitored carefully. The competition crowned it’s season 12 winner Candice Glover last week.

On the red carpet for the “American Idol” finale, eventual winner Candice Glover talks about inspiring others with her confidence, and Scotty McCreery gets a hello from Sir Anthony Hopkins, who apparently is a big “Idol” fan!

Photos, video, and interviews from day 2 of “The Ralphie Show” live backstage at the “American Idol” season 12 finale.

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Interviews, photos, and video from day one of “The Ralphie Show” broadcasting live at the finale for “American Idol” season 12.

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Aubrey Cleland achieved “a first” in the 12 season run of “American Idol.” This year, the fans were able to save one contestant through a special AT&T vote so that they could tour with the top 10 finalists. Cleland will travel the country with her fellow “Idols” for 40 dates in the U.S., starting next month. She called in from her Oregon home to “The Ralphie Show” and talked about both the shows and the final three contestants.


“American Idol” Top 5 Finalist Janelle Evans stopped by “The Ralphie Show” during her media day in New York following Thursday’s elimination episode. Naturally, we found out that she was most nervous every week to sing in front of Keith Urban.

We didn’t find out much else when it came to the judges, specifically Nicki Minaj, and on who the country singer thinks will win it all.

– I haven’t been impressed with the talent this season. Sorry, but even though he had a solid second song, I’m not sure Karl Skinner gets a golden ticket in another season. Then again, I wasn’t a fan of Phillip Phillips audition – and given the recent track record of white dudes with guitars – maybe he stands a good chance!

– Nate Tao – another inspiring story with both of his parents deaf yet pursuing a singing career. Sounded good too!

– Thought Randy’s comment that Nate looks like he should be doing taxes was a little wrong…

– I liked Halie Hilburn and could have done without all of the footage surrounding her puppet. This is why people have stopped taking these shows seriously.

– In this episode above all others, Nicki Minaj’s inexperience in music, especially compared to her co-judges, really shines through. Very interested to see how she handles the live portion of the show.

– Love Kayden Stephenson and his story, but how does a 16 year-old with such an ailment survive the rigorous “Hollywood Week”?

– Steven Tyler – I can’t… I just can’t. BTW, replace Nicki with him on this panel and I think you’d have a home run.

– Vincent Powell kind of reminded me of last season’s Heejun Han – sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover!

– I think if anything is obvious regarding the critiques that the four judges give, it’s that Nicki Minaj isn’t landing an A&R gig off her commentary. Maybe a spot on Fashion Police, but not at a major label.

– I didn’t mind Savannah Votion’s voice. I mind anyone that sings Adele or “At Last” – and I also minded her wardrobe, which just didn’t fit her well.

– Loving the new “Idol” nominate portion of this year’s auditions – great that the show continues to find ways to evolve.

– Ann Difani was good. Nicki trying to critique country artists though – hilarious.

– I mean – when “Papa Peachez” is getting a golden ticket to Hollywood over some of these other singers… maybe not a good sign for the show? The guy did have a good voice but I thought “Idol” was the best of the best? The show that created superstars?

– Adam Sanders is another “don’t judge a book by its cover” contestant. Keith Urban with another classic reaction – a lot of them from him have been funny this season.

– So wait, we’re supposed to really believe that Seacrest rolled up to the Long Beach auditions in a Ford? UHM.

– Mariah showing up late – and her wardrobe… just a weird season with the judges. Has this ever happened in any other season – where judges were missing at multiple times throughout auditions?

– Some of the stories this season… like Micah Johnson, who can’t speak clearly due to complications from tonsil removal yet can sing beautifully… unreal.

– Thought Briana Oakley exhibited solid range.

– Props (no pun intended) to Megan Miller who overcame a messed up leg and crutches to sing in front of four celebrity judges. Hopefully she isn’t lugging those through “Hollywood Week.”

– Keith Urban with the line of the show about Miller: “I thought she was going to sing ‘Lean on Me.'” You can tell he is becoming more comfortable with every episode on this show.

– Not sure how I feel about Charlie Askew, but I’m glad judges sent him through.

– Maddie Assel – really impressed with her. Definitely think she can go far in this.

– Also impressed with Paul Jolley. If he can show that he can sing more than country music, he will be a fan favorite.

– Someone tell Dr. Calvin Peters that he still has a better chance of making more bank in medicine, regardless of how well he sings.

– Burnell Taylor was great, but I’ll go back every time to a singer like Josh Ledet, who was amazing but just couldn’t garner a big enough fan base to win. I think there is also a clear difference in the way Mariah and especially Nicki judge R&B singers compared to other genres. I don’t think they play favorites but I do believe that they seem to truly enjoy the really good R&B crooners more than they enjoy say, a really good country singer up there.