NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 12, Episode 5

– Vincent Powell kind of reminded me of last season’s Heejun Han – sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover!

– I think if anything is obvious regarding the critiques that the four judges give, it’s that Nicki Minaj isn’t landing an A&R gig off her commentary. Maybe a spot on Fashion Police, but not at a major label.

– I didn’t mind Savannah Votion’s voice. I mind anyone that sings Adele or “At Last” – and I also minded her wardrobe, which just didn’t fit her well.

– Loving the new “Idol” nominate portion of this year’s auditions – great that the show continues to find ways to evolve.

– Ann Difani was good. Nicki trying to critique country artists though – hilarious.

– I mean – when “Papa Peachez” is getting a golden ticket to Hollywood over some of these other singers… maybe not a good sign for the show? The guy did have a good voice but I thought “Idol” was the best of the best? The show that created superstars?

– Adam Sanders is another “don’t judge a book by its cover” contestant. Keith Urban with another classic reaction – a lot of them from him have been funny this season.

– So wait, we’re supposed to really believe that Seacrest rolled up to the Long Beach auditions in a Ford? UHM.

– Mariah showing up late – and her wardrobe… just a weird season with the judges. Has this ever happened in any other season – where judges were missing at multiple times throughout auditions?

– Some of the stories this season… like Micah Johnson, who can’t speak clearly due to complications from tonsil removal yet can sing beautifully… unreal.

– Thought Briana Oakley exhibited solid range.

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