Dr. Drew Weighs In On Reports Surrounding Justin Bieber’s Alleged Drug Use

An on-and-off again girlfriend. Friends that continue to drive and get pulled over in a Ferrari. Photos circulating that show alleged drug use.

You might guess that this is another story about Lindsay Lohan. Rather, these are the latest headlines surrounding teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. As alarming as each new report from TMZ may seem, Dr. Drew Pinksy told Cumulus Media’s “The Ralphie Show” that he doesn’t see a cause for concern, yet.

“I think when you see a young person using substances, if that’s in fact what’s happening, that doesn’t necessarily equate to addiction,” explained the TV host during a radio broadcast backstage at the 55th GRAMMYs. “Young people experiment; young people use substances.”

Dr. Drew notes that humans, and particularly males, operate off of an arousal system until age 25, and are thus “prone to use substances.” The “Celebrity Rehab” doctor doesn’t believe there is an addiction issue at hand, although he’s seen plenty of said issues in Hollywood.

“The rest of us would have family and lawyers that pull us aside and say, ‘Hey, get it together dude! You’re going to lose your job; we’re going to kick you out of the house,’” he said. “Celebrities don’t have that. They have people going, ‘Good! Well done!’”

The doctor said he looks not so much at the use, but the consequences – specifically citing Lohan’s trials and tribulations. In that context, it seems Bieber is many family blow-ups and court proceedings away from anything that might raise a flag in Dr. Drew’s eyes.

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