INTERVIEW: Miguel Said He Wanted To ‘Make An Impact’ With BBMA Performance

In an interview taped after Miguel finished his rehearsal for the now-infamous Billboard Music Awards performance of “Adorn,” the crooner may have inadvertently previewed the reason he’d become a viral-sensation.

“I think the point is to kind of make an impact,” Miguel said of his mindset when he conceptualizes an award-show performance. “Whether it’s on tour, or it’s for a live performance, it’s almost like, ‘What can we do that we haven’t seen before?’ Or something interesting, or if it’s gonna make people think, or kind of wake them up, yunno? And make an impact, that’s our biggest goal.”

Literally and figuratively, the singer made an impact when he attempted to leap over a pit of fans and land on another platform of the stage. Miguel’s timing was a bit off, and he instead landed on a fan. No one was injured, although you could say he also checked off “wake them up” off the list.


Back in February, Miguel’s performance at The GRAMMYs made more of a figurative impact on Kelly Clarkson, who used her award acceptance speech to fawn of the R&B singer’s talents.

“I hope so, if she can find some time for me,” Miguel said of the prospects of a duet between him and the “Idol” winner. “It is just the hugest compliment. I’m looking forward to that time when we can get in the studio and hopefully create some great music.”

The “Lotus Flower Bomb” singer recently hopped in the studio with Mariah Carey for their collaboration, “#Beautiful.”

“Personally, (the collaboration) is life-changing,” he said. “Just working with Mariah Carey is a huge, huge honor. It was really tough; I’ll be honest with you. She can be very distracting, she’s a beautiful woman.”

Miguel hinted that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that he would be on the final version of the song, saying that he was happy Carey “was keen on keeping me on the record.” He also credits “M.C.” with adding the pound sign in front of “Beautiful” on the title.

“For this song it was particularly fitting, only because the word that comes before beautiful (in the song) is an expletive that I can’t say,” he explained. “But pound happens to be the perfect symbol for the song. I’ll be honest with you, that was Mariah’s genius.”

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