INTERVIEW: Superstar DJ Avicii Would Rather Make Music Than Business Decisions

Perhaps the biggest battle that artist management and record labels face with their acts is over the control of content. In addition to the creativity behind the music itself, suits and singers are seemingly at constant war over how things look and when they are to look that way. Labels adapting business models to the new era of music consumption only added fuel to the fire. With slumping sales and shrinking staffs, upper management is more concerned with profits and less concerned with taking chances or allowing artists the ability to take changes that could negatively affect said profits.

Enter superstar DJ Avicii, who is really not bound to any single entity period, other than himself. The electronic dance music creator could easily micromanage his career from the type of music he produces to the venues he plays to the media he partakes in.

But in an interview earlier this year with “The Ralphie Show,” the “Wake Me Up!” star said that he is only concerned with his first love: making music.

“It’s not really me; that’s more my management and my manager and stuff like that,” the DJ, born Tim Bergling, responded when I asked him about decisions like picking radio singles and clearing songs for commercials. “My fascination and what I’ve always loved doing is music and touring and that aspect of it. Me being able to focus on that and leaving the business side of things to my manager and label has helped me out a lot.”

The formula has worked for Avicii thus far: While he toured American arenas following the success of “Levels,” the producer was still able to do so without charting a big pop radio hit like some of his counterparts. However with “Wake Me Up!” the first single from his album True, Bergling now has one of those feats accomplished as well.

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