INTERVIEW: Leona Lewis Reveals Christmas Wish List, Traditions

You may not have heard much from Leona Lewis lately, but that doesn’t mean the “Bleeding Love” singer is sitting idle.

“I’ve been recording my album,” Leona told “The Ralphie Show” on Wednesday. “I’ve been touring as well. Yeah, I’ve been doing this in bits and pieces.”

The latest piece is Christmas, With Love. Lewis recorded the holiday album over the summer, and it hits shelves on December 3.

“Literally, when I started recording in the summer time, obviously British summers are not known to be really hot,” Lewis explained. “But, it was literally the hottest summer ever. So it was so weird recording when it was just kind of beaming hot outside.”

Like her label mate Kelly Clarkson, Lewis did decorate the studio a little bit to get in the spirit. With so much time thinking about the holidays, the singer also already knows what she wants from Santa.

“I actually want a gramophone,” she revealed. “I really want to play some old records at Christmas.”

Lewis also talked about some of her family traditions, such as opening up one present on Christmas Eve. Then of course, there’s that final night before the big day – or as the singer calls it on her holiday single, “One More Sleep.”

“The song is about waiting for Christmas day and waiting to see your family, your friends,” Lewis said. “I get really, really excited about it. So it’s basically that night before Christmas kind of feel.”

Yes, when Lewis was younger, she even went as far as to leave cookies for Mr. Claus himself before that last night. Miraculously when she would wake up, there would only be crumbs left.

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