Statement on Departure from Dreams

I posted the following to Facebook and Instagram on June 17, 2019.

I’d sum up the past year of my life (and especially the last seven months or so) in two words: “personal disruption.” New job(s), new relationship, new routine and a renewed sense of many aspects of my life.

So I suppose it’s only fitting that in this trend of disruption, I let you know that I’m no longer with Dreams. On my last day at 1WTC, I snapped this familiar photo as a nice reminder and farewell to my time working in the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building.

Dreams was the perfect company at the perfect time. To move from a corporate, traditional media setting to a new media startup where I was able to learn, build and perform at a rapid pace was exhilarating. I can’t thank Tom and Greg enough for welcoming me to their team, allowing me to be myself and exhibiting copious amounts of patience as I navigated this new world (and for that matter, schedule). I’ll be rooting for them and the company from afar.

While you’ll continue to see and hear me in a number of familiar (and not-so-familiar… stay tuned!) places, I’ll begin to write a new chapter in my career – something that quite frankly I really haven’t had to do since leaving Syracuse in 2007. I’m grateful for that and equally excited to find out what’s next.

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