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Last year, Ryan Leander and Michael Wekall made international headlines when they decided to launch an online campaign with the sole objective of receiving a hug from Taylor Swift. Surprisingly, it worked. So how much harder can it be to get the attention of Justin Bieber?

“That’s how this whole project kind of launched off again, because it was in honor of about a year ago, when ‘A Hug from Taylor Swift’ started off,” said Leander, who called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to talk about the duo’s new project: The Bieber Experiment. “With Taylor Swift, not everyone likes her music. But after what she did with us, you can’t deny that she’s just an amazing person.”


The 23 year-old hopes that with his new mission, he and Wekall will be able to bring that same likeability to “The Bieber” – specifically in regards to how people over the age of 16 view the pop star.

“Justin started following ‘AHugFromTaylorSwift’ on Twitter,” noted Leander, hopeful that the follow is a sign of more contact with Bieber. “We do have some contacts with one guy who I know, who then knows another guy who is apparently pretty high up.”

The college graduate wouldn’t elaborate – similar to last year when he wouldn’t divulge the name of the person within Swift’s camp that reached out to him. Leander can only hope that this time around, history once again repeats itself.

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Ryan Leander, one half of the team behind “” checks in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” after he and Michael Wekall accomplished their mission and received a hug from Taylor Swift. The singer surprised the boys in Auburn, Alabama.

Leander notes that video of the experience will be posted soon here.