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Lil Wayne likes to refer to himself as “Weezy F. Baby.” But what does the “F” stand for?

Ok, front door, easy enough.

Finisher as well? Not sure I want to know the meaning behind that. No way he can be talking about anything else…

Okay, I give up. Clearly the “F” is for freaking impossible to figure out.


In the first ever edition of “Rappers Say the Darndest Things,” we answer a question brought forth by Young Money sensation Nicki Minaj. In the new David Guetta song, “Where Them Girls At?” – Minaj opens her verse with this question…

Excellent inquiry Miss Minaj. Peabo Bryson is an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, born in Greenville, South Carolina; this according to Wikipedia. Where may have you heard him before?

This concludes the first edition of “Rappers Say the Darndest Things.”