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INTERVIEW: ‘Hotel Impossible’ Host Anthony Melchiorri Restores Seaside Heights

“Hotel Impossible” entered season three on Monday. The Travel Channel series will follow Anthony Melchiorri around the world as he takes hospitality business owners to task on their practices and procedures. The show will also feature a stop at Seaside Heights, NJ, where Melchiorri will help get four hotels and a beach back up and… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Regrets Leaving Jersey Shore; Dates Seaside Heights Police Officer

When you watch the beginning of Season 2 on MTV’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore”, expect to catch Angelina Pivarnick in Miami well, “doing her thing” as a single lady. But that was taped then, and this is happening now: the self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” is once again love-struck in New Jersey. “He’s… Read more »