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Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn was not happy. There were personal issues. There were other points of contempt with the band, maybe not with any of its members but certainly with the rigors of a touring musician on a major record label.

Glenn began to identify the problems and how to resolve them, or at least how he did not want situations to play out moving forward.

“I started writing these songs in therapy,” Glenn told “Ralphie Tonight” via telephone about the band’s third studio album, Pop Psychology. The LP was released last month. “I also felt like, if I was going to put this record out, I didn’t want to do another cycle of press where I was kind of glazing over some of the themes.”

Struggles with fame and personal relationships are two of the topics that Glenn tackles on Neon Trees’ latest effort. So in March, the lead singer came out as gay in Rolling Stone magazine.

“For me, it’s fun to be able to talk about some of that personal stuff because I think it adds a weight and a humanity to it,” he said. “Where people who enjoy the band now have another context to listen to the record in.”

Glenn does not feel like he is a new person, nor does he believe this changes the band – known for its up-tempo sing-a-longs “Animal” and “Everybody Talks.”

“At the heart of it, the record is just a fun, energetic celebration at the same time,” Glenn explained. “I think it serves dual purposes and I’m proud of it.”

If you are looking for any change in the band, return to the aforementioned context and “Everybody Talks.”

“I say, ‘And that was when I kissed her’ and I kind of stop and say, ‘It was a her at the time,’” he reveals. “Because it was. I was seeing a girl at the time. But to be able to sing these songs, there’s kind of more of an anthemic quality to them.”

Glenn will be leading those sing-a-longs, of tracks old and new, on the band’s forthcoming summer headlining tour. The trek kicks off Monday in Nashville and ends June 13 in Washington D.C. The second to last date is on June 12 in Philadelphia. The concert will be held at the Piazza at Schmidt’s, an outdoor venue near Festival Pier.

“It’s really cool to be able to say what I’ve always said which is, ‘Self acceptance is important and you should be okay with the flaws that you have.’”

On Thursday night, Neon Trees will be the musical guest on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” The band will perform “Sleeping With A Friend,” its new single from Pop Psychology, out April 22. But the performance will mark the group’s last on the show with Fallon at the helm. The TV host moves to “The Tonight Show” on February 17.

“There’s definitely an energy in the studio right now,” lead singer Tyler Glenn said of Fallon’s digs in 30 Rock. “That’ll be fun to be one of his last [musical guests].”

Neon Trees appeared on Fallon during the band’s first album cycle for Habits. Glenn admits he is a big fan of The Roots, and also likes the music of another guest Thursday night: Drake.

“I love that new single he put out,” Glenn said, presumably referring to “Hold On We’re Going Home.” “I didn’t know he could sing.”

While offering props, the front man stopped short of saying he could see a collaboration between his band and Drake; at least not of the musical variety. When I asked Glenn if he’d try to take anything from Studio 6A as a memento, he joked that the only thing he might grab is a photo with the hip hop star.

Bonus: Glenn talks about touring with Maroon 5. Check back later in the week for more video!

Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn enjoyed the “Glee” cover of “Everybody Talks,” but it wasn’t his favorite.


“I liked the ‘Animal’ version better,” Glenn admitted in an interview on “The Ralphie Show.” “But its fun… we’re never going to stop someone from covering our music.”

Guitarist Chris Allen disagreed – favoring the latest performance to the previous. Drummer Elaine Bradley is just happy that the band’s music is still featured on the hit TV show.

“We want to be gracious,” she explained. “It’s flattering that they covered it.”

Neon Trees will be able to play its own tracks live for fans next year, when the band supports Maroon 5 on tour.

“Adam (Levine) and (James Valentine) saw us play a couple years ago… one of the Christmas shows, in Buffalo,” recalled Glenn. “Adam made a comment that we really reached for it and we just didn’t like play live and were boring so I think he liked that.”

Owl City will also join the bands for 31 dates. The trek begins in mid-February and runs through early April.

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Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn chats about the band’s next single, “1983”, on “The Ralphie Radio Show.

Neon Trees is not your average rock band. The group is comprised of four Mormons from Utah who keep it clean backstage – no partying. The lone woman in the group isn’t the lead singer – Elaine Bradley is on drums. And yes, the song “Animal” may have just topped the alternative charts, but lead singer Tyler Glenn says the group doesn’t have the audacity to start making ridiculous demands.

“The help with the song and the song on the campaign was more than we could ask for,” Glenn said on “The Ralphie Radio Show” in reference to commercials for Las Vegas tourism featuring the band’s hit single. “I don’t think any of us have the balls to like try and actually say, ‘Hey, can I stay here for free?’”

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The modest and humble roots might be a nod to their religion. Glenn dismisses any idea that it’s difficult to tour with a rock band and stay clean.

“I don’t think it’s the days of Guns ‘N Roses anymore, so I don’t know, I think you kind of have a choice,” the lead singer said. “The hair metal peer pressure isn’t there as much.”

But don’t be fooled, just because the band doesn’t party now, doesn’t mean they don’t have any experience to draw back on – Glenn admits that the group drew on their past ways for some of songs on the album, Habits.

“A lot of the subject matter on our album is from that, and experiences we’ve had, and ‘sins of our youth,’” he revealed. “I think we use it to influence our art and our music.”