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YOUTUBE TUESDAY: Brits Invade Wal-Mart, 90’s Acapella, Soldier Returns Home

What happens when two British guys tour Wal-Mart? A pretty hilarious YouTube video…With the 90’s constantly trending on Twitter as of late, figured I’d throw this in: the acapella group Local Vocal with a medley of 90’s dance tracks.And finally, a tear jerker. Joshua is disabled and really depends on his relationships with his sister… Read more »

Plax Is Pepsi’s Poster Boy?

Plaxico Burress is the New York Giants wide receiver who accidently shot himself in the leg, subsequently shooting his team’s Super Bowl aspirations out the door. So when I hit up Wal-Mart to find this, I was quite amused.These are special edition Pepsi bottles for the Super Bowl. Don’t hurt yourself with one of these…. Read more »