don’t worry, still here…

sorry for going m.i.a. during the holiday vacation. things became extremely hectic around here, and then i headed home to niagara falls to spend thanksgiving with the family. i also partook in my first black friday since my days of collecting kenner starting lineups as a kid. i then one-up’d myself, shopping through websites today in my inaugural “cyber monday.”

for the record, i enjoyed carusing e-store fronts at noon from the comfort of my own apartment much more than waking up at 7am to a frozen-over western new york with stores sold out of any decent deals.

despite this – i am proud to say that i am closing in on a personal-record for completing christmas shopping. hopefully i didn’t just jinx myself.

right before i left, the people in clarks summit gave me something to be very thankful for – charity. street teamer jason and i drove up to gerrity’s in clarks summit to participate in a little “celebrity bagging.” basically, we bag your groceries. you tip us. all money is donated directly to the weinberg regional food bank.

jason and i raised more money in clarks summit than at any other bht celebrity bagging stop. so thank you.

hope you enjoyed your time with friends and family – along with all of the amazing food. now to your frivolous news….

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