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I do it a lot, but eating before bedtime isn’t healthy. I also have a hard time falling asleep some nights. Voila! According to this article, these four foods below 200 calories may just do the trick…

– Caffeine-free tea or sugar-free hot chocolate
– A handful of dry cereal or slice of whole wheat toast
– Graham crackers
– Warm milk


Life & Style Weekly reports exclusively that Demi Moore was recently vacationing in Connecticut with her new, slightly younger boyfriend. Events Editor Juliet Izon also talked about Scott Disick’s partying ways despite the fact that Kourtney Kardashian just gave birth to their new baby girl, and the interesting comments Russell Brand made about he and Katy Perry’s personal life.


Life & Style Weekly talked about the departure of both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez from “American Idol.” Events Editor Juliet Izon also talked about Kourtney Kardashian’s new baby and the recent divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

With the addition of an iPad to my fleet of technology and the subtraction of sleep and free hours in the day, I’ve recently joined and have posted exclusive content to a number of new networks on the web and yonder. I’m all about expanding and producing a larger amount of more compelling content in 2012 – so some of this should come as no surprise. If you’re on any of these networks, feel free to join in on the fun!


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These parties are the newest fad, details on how to throw/attend one here.

I'm blaming the national press. Blogging from the bberry. Field coordinators are on the stage speaking.

Mayor Doherty came on, introduced Sen. Casey. Crowd is riled up.


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just thought i'd check in from the m-i-a real right quick. spent today beachside and poolside, in the midst watching my orange get embaressed by penn state. i mean, it was expected, but that doesnt nulify the pain.

tonight i'm currently en route to the hard rock hotel and casino in ft lauderdale, about 40 minutes north of miami. i'll be finding the lowest minimum black jack table and parking there til i have a reason to leave. hopefully that reason will not coincide with any loss of funds.

have a great rest-of-the-weekend. sunday and monday afternoons will be spent on the beach here, and i return to avoca late monday night.


Outside of Boscov's, waiting for John McCain to exit the Westmoreland Club, where the candidate's $250-a-plate fundraiser is taking place.

The senator finished up his town hall around 11:15, standing on stage for about an hour. He arrived on Franklin aboard "The Straight Talk Express" bus at 12:20.

Next up – a drive to Allentown and a flight to New Orleans.

You really don't know what covering a candidate is like until you actually do it. Press secretaries, secret service, inclimate weather, local & national press unequally sharing unmarked territories… a stressful hot mess if you ask me.

So I'm currently sitting less than a mile away from my apt. Cartoons are blaring obnoxiously loud over the TV sets as I wait for my name to be called.

Little did I know I couldve walked to my appointment this afternoon at the Kistler Clinic. Feeling awful and wouldn't be that fun to listen to tonight. Welcome D-Dubs with open arms tonight, he'll be filling in as I rest.

A nurse just called my name, hopefully this sore throat and fatigue is nearing a death.