EXCLUSIVE: news on the conan-stalker.

another new england priest involved in a scandal. this time no underage boys involved – instead a grown man, 44 year-old late night talk show host conan o’brien. the late show tv personality and his alleged stalker both attended harvard university.

the priest caught up in this is 46 year-old david ajemian. fr. ajemian sent a number of disturbing letters to o’brien via his studios at 30 rock. you can check out the full lawsuit filed by o’brien’s attorney here (tmz).

after a little research here at the ralphie radio show, we found out that fr. ajemian just joined st. patrick’s parish in stoneham, mass. in july 2006. the AP reports that ajemian’s co-horts thought of him as a likeable person.

a call to the parish proved inconclusive. the receptionist, who answered the phone just before 6pm est, could not offer a comment on the situation, instead asking us to contact the archdiocese of boston’s communications department. she also threw a “no comment” our way when asked if in fact fr. ajemian still practiced at st. patrick’s.

a call to the archdiocese’s head of communications went unanswered. stay tuned…

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