thank you thank you thank you.

mucho gracias to everyone who made my 23rd anniversary of existence on this earth an enjoyable one. it was great seeing you friday night at the woodlands – lots of laughs and fun times, not to mention a nice mix of stogies, beverages, and some trademark woodlands cuisine. even one of my former roommates from syracuse made the trip up, and sam enjoyed his time inside the woods.

i owe a few people for the experience i had saturday. angela, will, and johnny damon all have drinks coming on me. okay will doesn’t, he just accompanied me to the game – but ang picked out two amazing seats, and damon decided to turn in his best performance of the season, hitting a perfect six for six, including a walkoff single. the yankees trumped the royals 12-11 in the four-hour slug fest.

as tony would say, i boogied back to nepa in record time to continue the celebration with club bht inside colosseum night club. again, great times, thank you for showing up.

much love to my fellow staffers – adam, marino, a.j., and d-dubs danny waters. my boy anthony from afc media also covered some of the festivities. i couldn’t have asked for two better venues and hosts than mitch & the woodlands and rob dale & colosseum night club. as always, the best.

and of course, if you were one of the hundred or so that left a facebook wall post or myspace comment, i appreciate it, and by now i’ve responded.

believe it or not, we don’t have too many photos from the weekend-long extravaganza. i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

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